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Silo Towers at Wappingthorn Dairy Farm
Steyning, West Sussex, South East England, UK; 1929-30

Maxwell Ayrton

«(…) Possibly one of the most illuminating facts to come out of these buildings is the high quality of workmanship which clearly went into producing the concrete. The standard of formwork and the control exercised over the mixing, placing and consolidation of the concrete is self-evident from the behaviour and weathering of the concrete. That the quality of the following comment contained in a letter from Sir Arthur Howard [farm owner]: “In the forty years which I have lived at Wappingthorn – and these include three years during the war when the house was requisitioned and occupied by the army – during all these years I have hardly spent a penny on structural repairs. I have from time to time made some alterations and the builders have always had to spend more time and labour in the cutting away or removal of the structure than they have in installing what was to replace it.»

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via “Concrete Quarterly, 79” (Winter, 1968)