The New Untitled #271The Kooks, NaiveBasile Pesso-my BCN © 22…

The New Untitled #271

The Kooks, Naive
Basile Pesso-my BCN © 22 June 2 017
My web magazine : Yes We Are (link – Fb version here) with a fantastic image of Denis Roche as The Side Look of a Barcelonese #298/Fb Era3


thanks a lot to Victor M. Alonso to have added a reblog to the previous one for an image that I absolutely absolutely love : Come, Clouds, Caress My Sky #7 (link) !

Here is a perfect example of overexposed image on one part or two : backlight, sun shining on top right, and I wanted to have the flowers visible : result : half burnt sky, and a part of the building overexposed. Could have done better even if the case was hard. I wonder how the hell I can still make this kind of mistake.