Supergrass – I’d Like to Know, 1 994

From the first n’ remarkable record of Supergrass in one of the most historic years for rock’n’roll.

In the “brit-pop” wave of the 90’s, behind the stupid war of “the
best living band” between the lads of Oasis and Blur, Gaz and his team
came, shouting in a power trio with the energy of an army of overexcited
jumping n’ laughing monkeys, with absolutely stupendous compositions
with a punk dominance but so much better composed and technical than average punk, in particular in the bass play, played with the finger by the man with a frog face, Mick Quinn.

Known with their easy and poppy single Alright based on a piano riff
and vocal repetitions, they actually had so much more in store for our
infinite pleasure, as, for example, this brilliant I’d Like to Know
which opens the fire of the record, first of a series of three songs
which are among the best beginnings a record ever gave to me.
The end of the song is absolutely stupendous ‘n surprising, leading to another gem right after, Caught by the Fuzz.

Afterwards, the band progressively lost its magic even if one can
found stunning songs once in a while in the following adventures ; as
several (or many…) bands, they had been giving years of creation in
one record, and then kept on their career between excellent and boring.
I’ll keep the first gem in mind, without any coco use.

Basile Pesso, Barcelona, 3rd December 2 017, first broadcast then (Fb)
Supergrass, I’d Like to Know