A few words on our trip to Madrid where Anne hasn’t won the Rado prize. The winner was the one I had named some weeks ago on Fb (you can see it here on our shared Fb with Anne) for his massive wood table. I was just hesitating between him and Anne, and he told us before the verdict that she was the one who’d win. Well, nothing, not 1st, not prize of the audience ; we’ll keep on, as usual. I have nothing to declare except to congratulate again Pablo Vidiella Huguet.

Apart from that, going to one gallery on the last evening of the trip in a very very posh borough, I could experiment one of the most most unpleasant gallerists I have ever met, and I have met a lot, especially as an agent. The hate this person displayed to us just because we were daring to speak with his young assistant and trying to know how it was possible to exhibit in the place is something which made me be close to be insulting.
She was probably not ready to receive this answer to her horrendous behaviour, the kind of behaviour that disgusts so many great talents or geniuses that they never again want to exhibit. And I can tell you they are plenty.