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Kimberley (second Boer War era) concentration …

Kimberley (second Boer War era) concentration camp memorial

Berg-en-dal Monument (Anglo-Boer war memorial…

Berg-en-dal Monument (Anglo-Boer war memorial), Belfast/eMakhazeni, 1970

germanpostwarmodern:Church “De Opgang” (1967-6…


Church “De Opgang” (1967-68) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, by Jo Kruger. Demolished in 2007.

Gereformeerde kerk Lyttelton, Pretoria, Johan…

Gereformeerde kerk Lyttelton, Pretoria, Johan de Ridder, 1953

Gereformeerde kerk Derdepoort, Pretoria, Joh…

Gereformeerde kerk Derdepoort, Pretoria,
Johan de Ridder, 1955

Metsämonttu mine shaft, Aijala

Metsämonttu mine


germanpostwarmodern: Church St Otto (1978-79) …


Church St Otto (1978-79) in Nürnberg, Germany, by Peter Leonhardt

kropotkindersurprise: November 23 2017 – A gr…


November 23 2017 – A group of activists unveiled a replica of Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial secretly erected outside the home of a far-right AfD politician who says Germans should stop atoning for Nazi guilt.

Art collective Centre for Political Beauty set up 24 large concrete slabs in a garden next to Björn Höcke’s house, saying it wanted to send a daily reminder of the second world war horrors that led to deaths of 6 million Jewish people.

“We are doing our neighbourly duty,” the group’s leader, Philipp Ruch, told the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper. “We hope he enjoys the view every day when he looks out the window.

”The slabs are a smaller-sized replica of the famed Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, which consists of a solemn field of 2,700 grey blocks meant to evoke a cemetery.

The leading Alternative for Germany (AfD) member Höcke provoked outrage in January when he labelled the tribute to the victims a “monument of shame in the heart of the capital” and urged Germans to focus less on their war guilt.

kropotkindersurprise:October 31 2018 – Spanish…


October 31 2018 – Spanish artist Enrique Tenreiro

defaces the grave of Spain’s fascist dictator Franco with a dove and the slogan “Por La Libertad!” in red paint. He should have brought a pick-axe, but it’s a start.

Provisional repairs to the Sicherheitsdienst …

Provisional repairs to the Sicherheitsdienst building in the Euterpestraat, Amsterdam, after being hit by an Allied airstrike, November 1944.