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Uncommonmen from Mars, Skateboarding Hurts Mor…

Can you imagine that there’s a French indie rock-punk band with such a
great quality, and that it’s almost unknown ? Two members of the band
come from the USA but live in France. Would have they made the same band
in the USA, they would have been worldwide famous as Blink 182 and
several others.

France has never been a punk rock country, except when it comes from other countries, mainly the USA.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 6th March 2 019, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
Uncommonmen from Mars, Skateboarding Hurts More when You’re over 30

P.S : this is a very good/excellent song, but they have done way better.

Overhead, Uprising, 2 004

Absolute stunner of an almost unknown French band.
your head naturally doesn’t move since the very first instant with the
superbly metallic guitar play, to which is very soon added a
magnificently bouncing bass, then perfect arpeggios close to the ones of
“Where is My Mind ?” by Pixies, then double shots of snare drum, and if
your feet don’t move in unison to your head until the end, ask yourself
the question “am I alive ?”.

Delight with hints of Jeff Buckley in the fragile and powerful voice of
Nicolas Leroux. 2.45 of perfection, to which we wanna come back as soon
as they are finished. Simply phenomenal.

Basile Pesso, Barcelona, 10 May 2 018, first broadcast then (Fb)
Overhead, Uprising