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To show you how Tumblr is fucking you in the ass : right when we are plenty to be disgusted by the awful and retroactive censorship on nude art (because I don’t give a shit about porn, let’s focus on nude art), there is a line which appears on top of your boards : “Got a Q. (question in “cool” language) for women’s rights’ activist X ?” (I put a X, I don’t have her name in mind, it’s on some boards, so, not mine, strangely).

You have to understand. This comes from very far. I have been denouncing this shit in French and English for years. The founder of Tumblr who let the stuff to d’Onofrio last year, David Karp, started Tumblr when he was less than 20 years-old. A child, a nerd, a millenial with all the usual clichés in mind.

If he added several possibilities like nude art, nude, porn included gay one, he also let all sorts of horrors happen : harassment and slander without action, gore, paedos all over.

He’s just the representative of “left-wing” in the USA, plus a total absence of morality. Now, there’s a variation with d’Onofrio, you just have the politically correct in his new orientation, as actually he let all the shit keep on during his first year.

This is a DELIRIUM. Many of you have been part of it, hence the ridicule of your current complaint. And you’re still fully part of it, except on some points.

In 5 fucking days will take place the most terrible pact in Marrakech, Morocco, Islamic country. It’s a pact on migrations, and if enabled, it will be even heller than it has been for several years, and for some countries like France, some decades.

7 days later, the d’Onofrio jurisprudence will be enabled. Use your brain, people.



Hey, Sherlocks ! Just read this, it’s in the Tumblr text :
“As Tumblr continues to grow and evolve, and our understanding of our
impact on our world becomes clearer, we have a responsibility to
consider that impact across different age groups, demographics,
cultures, and mindsets.”

What the fuck do you think it speaks about ? Seriously !! White bigotry ?? You’re so naive and self-centered….years that you’ve been impressing me.

Sebadoh, Not Too Amused, 1 994

Fantastic song with wonderful crunchy guitar sound by the brilliant US
band Sebadoh, sung and written by the bass player Jason Loewenstein, as
many other songs of the band. His voice being quite close to the one of
the main singer-songwriter-guitarist Lou Barlow, not so many people even
know it’s him who sings. You’ll also notice a brotherhood in voice and
composition with the master Elliott Smith.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 23 November 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
Sebadoh, Not Too Amused


terribly sorry. What I’m about to say is something so racist I never
thought my soul could ever feel it. But truly I never wanna spend time
with white people again (if that’s what non-muslims are called). Not for
one moment, for any reason. They are disgusting.”

(Sinéad O’Connor aka Shuhada’ Davitt).
(Also on my Fb, 07/11/18)

(See also developments in comments, among which the Wikipedia of the imam who converted Sinéad. He for example said that “homosexuals are sinful”. Not very different from the general religious vision, not only in Islam, whatsoever.

Twitt of Sinéad O’Connor


(No deaths had been reported, but unfortunately, today, there are already about 14 victims at that place – Paradise, California).

(Also on my Fb, 09/11/18)
Article of The NY Post : Raging wildfire reduces California town to ashes


Judge James Otero earlier this month dismissed the lawsuit of Daniels
on First Amendment grounds, saying the tweet “constitutes ‘rhetorical
hyperbole’ normally associated with politics and public discourse.””

(Also on my Fb, 30/10/18)
(See also very interesting and documented comment)
Article of the NY Post : Trump sues Stormy Daniels over $300K in legal fees


Finally, I’m gonna show here too a comment under the post of the dead young duo in Yosemite, USA (see previous post here to know/remember what it’s about) :

“I don’t feel any
sorry for this couple, I work with this kind of tourists, and I found
they are the most selfish kind of people around the globe, they do
anything just for a fake feeling of success on Instagram, I see them
pushing others just for a selfie in the
correct place with all these fake smiles, just for the camera.

Most of
them don’t even care about the place they visit, it’s all about stunning
photos and run to the next awesome place. They don’t care bout local
culture or anything. But here, one thing is certain, if you mess with
nature, nature kicks you back. I may earn a lot of negative thoughts
specially since this both have died, but I know what I see, daily.
(…) RIP and I feel sorry for their parents only.”


still don’t have any clear idea exactly what happened,” park
spokeswoman Jamie Richards told the newspaper. “We are still trying to
piece it together.”

The couple – who married four years ago at a
temple in India, according to the Associated Press – billed themselves
as a “dream doer duo” who travelled the world documenting their trips to
locales like the Grand Canyon, Paris, New York City, Niagara Falls,
London, Big Sur and other scenic destinations.


““A lot of us including yours truly is a fan of daredevilry attempts of
standing at the edge of cliffs and skyscrapers but did you know that
wind gusts can be FATAL???” Moorthy wrote. “Is our life just worth one


"Moorthy, who wore a jacket emblazoned with
the words “Sunset Chaser,” warned her followers about the need to “have
boundaries” in life.”


“Park officials, meanwhile, have no plans to install additional railings along the high cliffs above Yosemite Valley.”

(Also on my Fb, 30/10/18)

(See also developments on Fb with links to some specific posts of the young duo on their Instagram, as under this image.
I have isolated some comments under that post, some are very critical. I might post one of my developments alone here after this post).

Article of the NY Post : “Travel daredevils identified as couple dead from Yosemite cliff plunge”


see here in first and perfectly documented comment the absolutely
sordid and childish manipulation implemented to make believe Bolsonaro
wants to “rape women”.

It’s so manipulative it’s unbelievable, yet very usual, as it’s exactly the same manips that take place against Trump.

I’ll try to show more proofs of the case soon. Understand that you are following farcical and dangerous propagandists.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 27 October 2 018, 1e diffusion ce jour-là (Fb)


“The piece states that Mr. Bolsonaro once told a woman that he would
not rape her because she doesn’t deserve it yet fails to mention that
the altercation took place because the woman in question (a federal
congresswoman) had just called him a rapist due to his stand regarding
lowering the age of criminal prosecution to 16 citing a case of a minor
known as Champinha who at age 16 repeatedly raped and beheaded a female
teenager, also murdering her boyfriend after abducting both in the

The congresswoman in question is Maria do Rosário
and has been cited for receiving illegal funds according to prosecuters

of the corruption investigations mentioned in the article (Operation Car

Comments’ section under the article of The Economist (March 2 017) : “A Radical from Rio : “Jair Bolsonaro hopes to be Brazil’s Donald Trump”


Article of The NY Post : “Detroit : Remains of 11 babies found in ceiling of shuttered funeral home”