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Ride, Lannoy Point, 2 017

Rare are the bands to make something so good after years and years of
activity, even more after decades, as it’s the case for Ride, known for
having been one of the main bands of the “Shoegazing” movement in
England during the 90’s with, in particular, My Bloody Valentine : heavy
guitars but a pop whole, playing while watching the shoes.
I’ll add that this song is one of the come back record of the band, after 20 years without anything.

This song is totally hypnotic, powerful, masterfully composed, with
incredible dynamics. Compared to the 90’s period of the band, the guitar
wall is not permanent and allows the juvenile voice of the singer to
express itself fully.

In a live version which I’ll show another
time, you’ll see how such a voice can come out of the damaged face of
Mark Gardener, once so handsome with his androgynous features ‘n long

Basile Pesso, 26 December 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
Ride, Lannoy Point

The Presidents of the USA, We’re not Gonna Mak…

Simply one of the very very best bands I ever saw on stage, among
the hundreds I saw. This first record is an absolute stunner, among my
favorite records ever, not one song to throw, not one boring second.
Short and incredibly energetic songs among which a cover of the famous
rock/punk band MC5 and the hit “Lump” talking about cancer all the while
being extremely joyful.

I saw
them play among children balloons for 10 persons in a FNAC, jumping ‘n
giving all they had, with their extremely specific structure (one bass
with three strings, one guitar with three or two strings, one reduced
drum kit) and the power they were giving was totally fantastic.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 9 March 2 019, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
The Presidents of the USA, We’re not Gonna Make it

Uncommonmen from Mars, Skateboarding Hurts Mor…

Can you imagine that there’s a French indie rock-punk band with such a
great quality, and that it’s almost unknown ? Two members of the band
come from the USA but live in France. Would have they made the same band
in the USA, they would have been worldwide famous as Blink 182 and
several others.

France has never been a punk rock country, except when it comes from other countries, mainly the USA.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 6th March 2 019, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
Uncommonmen from Mars, Skateboarding Hurts More when You’re over 30

P.S : this is a very good/excellent song, but they have done way better.

Fountains of Wayne, Utopia Parkway, 1 999

Popping, bouncing, efficient and poetic, one more excellent song by the New York band. 1 999.

Fountains of Wayne, Utopia Parkway

The Breeders, Hag, 1 993

Superb, and very underrated song from the legendary record Last
Splash which was the second of the band. For the ones who wouldn’t know,
The Breeders is a satellite of the best band ever, Pixies from Boston

They started during the existence of Pixies with the first
record Pod, then the Brilliant leader Kim Deal developed plenty of
projects outside the main matrix, among which The Breeders, before
coming back to the main home more than 10 years ago.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 23 February 2 019, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
The Breeders, Hag

Sebadoh, Not Too Amused, 1 994

Fantastic song with wonderful crunchy guitar sound by the brilliant US
band Sebadoh, sung and written by the bass player Jason Loewenstein, as
many other songs of the band. His voice being quite close to the one of
the main singer-songwriter-guitarist Lou Barlow, not so many people even
know it’s him who sings. You’ll also notice a brotherhood in voice and
composition with the master Elliott Smith.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 23 November 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
Sebadoh, Not Too Amused

Fish Karma, Dick York, 1 993

The very special and excellent US band composed of one man from Tucson,
Arizona, Fish Karma, with his stupendous lyrics. One example here !

Fish Karma, Dick York

Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and Jeff Lynne (Elec…

In front of the remaining Beatles, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, and many
other people. Starts with some excellent tribute words of Dave Grohl to
the Beatles. He then revealed that it’s The Beatles which made him want
to be a musician, which is a great surprise knowing Nirvana and Foo
Fighters, in which there is absolutely no influence from The Beatles in
my opinion.

He also says that Hey Bulldog is his favorite Beatles’ song, I really don’t know how it’s possible, but why not !!

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 2 September 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
Dave Grohle (Foo Fighters) and Jeff Lynne (Electric Light Orchestra) covering The Beatles, Hey Bulldog, live, 2 014

Gwen Stefani, What You Waiting For, 2 004

One of the commercial songs with the best composition of the last 20
years. If Gwen Stefani has made a lot of easy stuff, this song from her
solo career reminds us that she comes from a punk/pop band, No Doubt.
The lyrics’ irony is not necessarily usual in commercial “music”, and
this song has tons. As for Gwen’s voice, superbly powerful in very
different styles, from one part of the song to another.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 18 August 2 018, first broadcast then (YWAMag Fb)
Gwen Stefani, What You Waiting For

Guided by Voices, To Remake the Young Flyer, 1…

One of the multiple proofs in the History of music that less than 2
minutes can bring a great song. Actually, from the very very start we
know it’s gonna be brilliant.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 29 August 2 018, 1st broadcast then (YWAMag Fb)
Guided by Voices, To Remake the Young Flyer