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Guided by Voices, To Remake the Young Flyer, 1…

One of the multiple proofs in the History of music that less than 2
minutes can bring a great song. Actually, from the very very start we
know it’s gonna be brilliant.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 29 August 2 018, 1st broadcast then (YWAMag Fb)
Guided by Voices, To Remake the Young Flyer

Swell, Forget About Jesus, 1 993

An absolute delight by the marvel of San Francisco, the band Swell,
that many now know if they have been following me along the years. Their
acoustic guitar sound ‘n way of playing is almost unique in the History
of music, and their composing brilliant, here, with a large role given
to a magnificent slide guitar line.

One of my favorite songs by them ever, on a remarkable record, 41. “Where this record lies, where it waits, there’s an act of grace”, to take and transform some of the song’s lyrics.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 22 August 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
Swell, Forget About Jesus

Sparklehorse, Cow, 1 995

Mark Linkous, one of the magnificent singers/songwriters who left us
early, by suicide. Prolific, able to be as rock’n’roll as he could be
soft, another master to be added to the cursed list of Cobain, Elliott
Smith, Jeff Buckley, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Lennon or Jim
Morrison, even if he lived longer.

Here is one of his brilliant songs.

Basile Pesso, Barcelona, 12 August 2 018, 1st broadcast then (YWAMag Fb)
Sparklehorse, Cow

Muse, MK Ultra, 2 009

I don’t know how many people know that Matthew Bellamy and
his band are fond of what’s called in the mainstream media
“conspirational theories” ™, that they have written songs like this one on
elements which would be considered by most lemmings as madness and
occupations of lost minds.

In spite of these lyrics and
interests, Muse remains one of the most loved rock bands all over the
world, and it’s been 20 years that it has been lasting. So many Muse
fans are part of the sugary sections who
terrorize others for being “racist” and all the shit of the kind when
most of those terrorized people have never been racist but watch the
Ah, if these sugary sections knew that Bellamy is also fan of
Maurice G.Dantec, French writer….I let them try to discover who this
writer was, what his evolution has been, and what he says about the
sacred new religion.

of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Iggy Pop, Muse, they are many
not to be puppets in the rock world. But most of the time, they have to
walk very cautiously, leaving clues but without obviousness.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 13 August 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
With extremely important developments in comments
MK Ultra
(I’ll speak about MK Ultra another time. Toxic material – watch the YouTube comments already…).

The Amps, I am Decided, 1 995

After the extremely successful record of The Breeders, Last Splash
(The Breeders come from Pixies and are the band of the bass player –
second singer of the band), Kim Deal created a side project, just for
one record, while her sister and Breeders’ mate was creating hers, The
Kelley Deal 6000.

This record is brilliant but extremely hard to
penetrate. For example this song : if you listen to it once, you might
think we don’t really hear anything, that the compositions are messy, the sound too rough, etc.
But the record absolutely has to be listened to again and again. By the
way the sound of The Breeders after this record has become a mix
between the first sound they had, and The Amps’.

Basile Pesso, 19 July 2 018, first broadcast then (Fb)
The Amps, I am Decided

Adorable, Homeboy, 1 993

Stupendous to see the quality of this band and in particular of this
song, from the only record they made in 1 993, in full boom of the rock,
pop, indie rock and indie pop creation in several countries in the
world ; and to see how little famous they are.

One can’t even find a French Wikipédia page for them.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 14 June 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
Adorable, Homeboy



Terrorvision, Alice, What’s the Matter ?
Basile Pesso-Toulouse © May 2 015
My web magazine : Yes We Are (link – Fb version here) with a remarkable landscape of the Czech Jan Sieminski as The Side Look of a Barcelonese #514/Fb Era3

My Tumblr photo (exclusively) archive here



Terrorvision, Alice, What’s the Matter ?
Basile Pesso-Toulouse © May 2 015
My web magazine : Yes We Are (link – Fb version here)

My Tumblr photo (exclusively) archive here

Overhead, Uprising, 2 004

Absolute stunner of an almost unknown French band.
your head naturally doesn’t move since the very first instant with the
superbly metallic guitar play, to which is very soon added a
magnificently bouncing bass, then perfect arpeggios close to the ones of
“Where is My Mind ?” by Pixies, then double shots of snare drum, and if
your feet don’t move in unison to your head until the end, ask yourself
the question “am I alive ?”.

Delight with hints of Jeff Buckley in the fragile and powerful voice of
Nicolas Leroux. 2.45 of perfection, to which we wanna come back as soon
as they are finished. Simply phenomenal.

Basile Pesso, Barcelona, 10 May 2 018, first broadcast then (Fb)
Overhead, Uprising

Built to Spill, I Would Hurt a Fly, 1 996

The songs of this stupendous band can seem hermetic and have
been so for a long time for me. Long, so incredibly rich, with details
which are sometimes hard to discern, with song structures which are so
different from the usual ones.

Later, they became slightly more
accessible, all the while becoming even better, which was not easy. As I
already wrote, this kind of evolution is sooo rare. Here is one the
innumerable gems which have been offered by the geniuses of Idaho
, USA.

Basile Pesso, Barcelona, 3 May 2 018, first broadcast then (Fb)
Built to Spill, I Would Hurt a Fly