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Sociaal Fonds Bouwnijverheid building, Amster…

Sociaal Fonds Bouwnijverheid building, Amsterdam,
Oyevaar, Stolle, van Gool, 1972

wmud: eduoard albert – direction de l’exploita…


eduoard albert – direction de l’exploitation d’air france, orly, france, 1959-60

desimonewayland: Mateo Arquitectura Regional …


Mateo Arquitectura

Regional Deutsche Bundesbank head office in Chemnitz. The project consists in the construction of the new regional Deutsche
Bundesbank head office in Chemnitz, formerly Karl Marx Stadt, in a place
with a dense and traumatic history.

The translucent facade is one element that contributes to the building
of this idea. The walls are sheets of
complex laminates made up of layers of glass with a lamina of stone set
between them. This stone lamina was chosen because of its ability to
respond to outside conditions, with marks appearing and disappearing,
giving the inert material a certain organic air.
These glass and fossil
laminates were tested in the laboratory to ensure that they would
withstand the demanding temperature conditions and meet the necessary
security requirements. The sheets were attached to the structure using
the techniques typical of high-tech curtain walls. The strips laid
between the sheets as a finishing touch, as well as all the exterior
elements, are archaic, in bronze.




Office Building of “Alkmaar en Omstreken” (1948-53) in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, by Berghoef & Klarenbeek

Former CBS building, Heerlen, 1970s

Former CBS building, Heerlen, 1970s

antiwhat: Palazzo Rio Novo Venezia (1957) ✑ 


Palazzo Rio Novo Venezia (1957)

Angelo Scattolin 

jeroenapers:Opmerkelijke snelwegarchitectuur …


Opmerkelijke snelwegarchitectuur

uit 1982. Het
Union Carbide Headquarters

gebouw naar ontwerp van

Kevin Roche

staat in de bossen bij Danburry, Connecticut en is bovenop de toegangsweg gebouwd, met de parkeergarage als hart van het gebouw. Je werkplek
zit enerzijds bijna tussen de bomen

en aan de andere kant staat je auto staat praktisch naast je bureau geparkeerd. In dat opzicht is het beter te bestempelen als snel-weg-architectuur.

Jongerius office building, Utrecht, 1936

Jongerius office building, Utrecht, 1936

archiveofaffinities: Clorindo Testa / SEPRA, B…


Clorindo Testa / SEPRA, Bank of London and South America, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1967

bluecote:renold chains head office, wythenshaw…


renold chains head office, wythenshawe, manchester.
cruickshank & seward. AR 1954