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Legally required toys for pigs in Dutch far…

Legally required

toys for pigs in Dutch farms. A series by
Sabine Grootendorst.

The former Bijlmerbajes prison, Amsterdam, Ko…

The former Bijlmerbajes prison, Amsterdam,
Koos Pot-Keegstra, 1972-78

landscape-stories: LS 26 | Habitare SUBMISSIO…


LS 26 | Habitare SUBMISSION

Tymon Markowski – Flow

theconcretemama: The Kentucky Correctional Ins…


The Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women (KCIW) is a state prison for women, located in unincorporated Shelby County, Pewee Valley Kentucky, about 88 miles from Cincinnati. Opened in 1938, it is the oldest operating women’s prison in Kentucky, and houses roughly 680 inmates in all security levels including death row, although there is currently only one woman in the state who is under penalty of death. Eligible inmates at KCIW participate in the “Paws with a Purpose” program, which pairs inmates with dogs to be trained as service animals. The dogs live with the inmates in their cells and learn basic obedience, opening doors, retrieving items such as canes or medications, and acting as a guide dog for the blind. Paws with a Purpose is a non-profit that is funded entirely by volunteers and donations, and provides the service dogs to the elderly and disabled free of charge. The inmates train the dogs for about two years, and tailor their training to be specific to the needs of their future owner.

theconcretemama: Pelican Bay Prison is a super…


Pelican Bay
Prison is a supermax facility
located in Crescent City, California. The 275
acre facility has a specially designed complex built to keep California’s
captured “worst of the worst” prisoners. The facility opened in 1989, and the
complex is divided in half by security level. One half houses Level IV
prisoners, (gen pop) and the other houses Pelican Bay’s SHU, otherwise known as
the Security Housing Unit. (high security or risk) Inmates in SHU have no
windows and their cells are illuminated by fluorescent lights. Inmates are
allowed control of the brightness of light in their cells. For no less than 22
hours a day, prisoners are kept in their cells and are allowed to view a
concrete wall through a perforated steel door. Meals are delivered via sack
lunch through a slot in the cell door three times a day. Inmates are allowed to
hustle to showers or exercise through a cement yard, often referred to as the “Dog
Run” which extends the length of three houses and has a sky roof window. The
Correctional Officer assigned to the control booth at SHU unit at Pelican Bay
is armed and ready to shoot escaping or exceptionally violent offenders .

Glasmoor prison, Hamburg, Fritz Schumacher, 1…

Glasmoor prison, Hamburg,
Fritz Schumacher, 1926-28

torrededesempleados: Un escuadrón conservado…


Un escuadrón conservador acampa ante el Panóptico después de haber entregado un centenar de prisioneros liberales.El Panóptico, una prisión, luego se convirtió en sede del actual Museo Nacional de Colombia.

Bogotá, Colombia
Ernest Bourgarel

7cynema: …a pozdravuji vlaštovky (And Give M…


…a pozdravuji vlaštovky (And Give My Love to the Swallows (1972) Dir. Jaromil Jireš



Berlin 1985. The Berlin Wall passes an ‘Urban Farm’ set up on a cleared bombed-out area next to Bethaniendamm in Kreuzberg. 

catalogo: Lima, Perù, dicembre 2006, carcere …


Lima, Perù, dicembre 2006, carcere femminile, alcune detenute ballano nel cortile della prigione.Un reportage straordinario frutto di 10 anni di lavoro in 74 prigioni del continente. “Encerrados, viaggio nelle carceri sudamericane" 

Fotografie di Valerio Bispuri