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Fish Karma, Dick York, 1 993

The very special and excellent US band composed of one man from Tucson,
Arizona, Fish Karma, with his stupendous lyrics. One example here !

Fish Karma, Dick York

Shed Seven, Bully Boy, 1 996

In the excellent Bully Boy by the English band Shed Seven, you have one
of the numerous school bullying stories of England. in other countries
you have others, in particular in the USA.

The singer-songwriter
of the band Rick Witter suffered harassment at school, probably because
of his extremely beautiful face features, and his mixed-race appearance.

As Sonya Aurora-Madan (Indian/English) from Echobelly in the fantastic
Call Me Names
two years before, song and band on which I wrote two or
three times I think, people with the same characteristics narrate the
same school horror stories.

Here the bully is clearly represented as a fat white young tyrant, and Rick tells him that he’d fight him “to the death”.

Basile Pesso, Freeland, 6th September 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
Shed Seven, Bully Boy

The Beatles, I Want You (She’s so Heavy), 1 96…

The bass level
of the absolute genius Paul McCartney is particularly visible here, as
well as his groovy play, which is not so known when one thinks about

As several other great bass players singing all the wile,
among which one you don’t really know but whom I have already spoken of,
Nigel Clark of Dodgy, and Sting in The Police, he manages something
incredibly difficult : to play the bass with a lot of syncopes, while
singing without stops. I don’t know if you can realize how hard this is, but I can tell you it is.

You can also see here that the notes he chooses often add to the
harmonic progression and enrichment of the composition. Here, it’s not
the groovy/funky aspect of which I’m speaking but the melodic one of the
bass not “per se” but along with the other melodic instruments, and
it’s also quite rare.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 2nd September 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
The Beatles, I Want You (She’s so Heavy)

Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and Jeff Lynne (Elec…

In front of the remaining Beatles, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, and many
other people. Starts with some excellent tribute words of Dave Grohl to
the Beatles. He then revealed that it’s The Beatles which made him want
to be a musician, which is a great surprise knowing Nirvana and Foo
Fighters, in which there is absolutely no influence from The Beatles in
my opinion.

He also says that Hey Bulldog is his favorite Beatles’ song, I really don’t know how it’s possible, but why not !!

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 2 September 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
Dave Grohle (Foo Fighters) and Jeff Lynne (Electric Light Orchestra) covering The Beatles, Hey Bulldog, live, 2 014

Papas Fritas, Hey Hey You Say, 1 997

Not one of the best songs of this wonderful American band from
Massachusetts, USA, but really good. I particularly recommend the rare
songs on which Shivika Ashtana, Indian/American drummer-second singer of
the band, has the lead vocal role.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 1st September 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
Papas Fritas, Hey Hey You Say

Gwen Stefani, What You Waiting For, 2 004

One of the commercial songs with the best composition of the last 20
years. If Gwen Stefani has made a lot of easy stuff, this song from her
solo career reminds us that she comes from a punk/pop band, No Doubt.
The lyrics’ irony is not necessarily usual in commercial “music”, and
this song has tons. As for Gwen’s voice, superbly powerful in very
different styles, from one part of the song to another.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 18 August 2 018, first broadcast then (YWAMag Fb)
Gwen Stefani, What You Waiting For

Guided by Voices, To Remake the Young Flyer, 1…

One of the multiple proofs in the History of music that less than 2
minutes can bring a great song. Actually, from the very very start we
know it’s gonna be brilliant.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 29 August 2 018, 1st broadcast then (YWAMag Fb)
Guided by Voices, To Remake the Young Flyer

Swell, Forget About Jesus, 1 993

An absolute delight by the marvel of San Francisco, the band Swell,
that many now know if they have been following me along the years. Their
acoustic guitar sound ‘n way of playing is almost unique in the History
of music, and their composing brilliant, here, with a large role given
to a magnificent slide guitar line.

One of my favorite songs by them ever, on a remarkable record, 41. “Where this record lies, where it waits, there’s an act of grace”, to take and transform some of the song’s lyrics.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 22 August 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
Swell, Forget About Jesus

Sparklehorse, Cow, 1 995

Mark Linkous, one of the magnificent singers/songwriters who left us
early, by suicide. Prolific, able to be as rock’n’roll as he could be
soft, another master to be added to the cursed list of Cobain, Elliott
Smith, Jeff Buckley, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Lennon or Jim
Morrison, even if he lived longer.

Here is one of his brilliant songs.

Basile Pesso, Barcelona, 12 August 2 018, 1st broadcast then (YWAMag Fb)
Sparklehorse, Cow

Black Box Recorder, England Made Me, 1 998

Just one record for this project of Luke Haines from The Auteurs, at
the end of the 90’s, excellent as all he has done. You might remember
that I spoke twice of his other side project Baader Meinhof.

gorgeous England Made Me, from the record which has the same name, with
the lovely voice of Sarah Nixey, as on all the record, which I very
highly recommend.

Black Box Recorder,
England Made Me
Basile Pesso, Freeland, 13 August 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)