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particularly decided islamist terrorist, whose role was most of all to
display instructions on bombs’ fabrications (included chemical weapons),
and recommending targets as festivals and governmental places, was just
arrested. The surprise is that she’s American/Israeli.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 19 June 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
Article of The US Department of Justice : “Wisconsin Woman Charged with Attempting to Provide Material Support to isis”


Many people wonder what the fuck is going on in Spain, why, with the
traditional, Catholic basis we have, as well as the security, peace,
ability to have lived well after the extreme-right slaughterer/dictator
Franco, ability to keep all the very positive points in spite of the
remnants of the economic crisis which lasted so long, why, in spite of
all these extremely positive points, something is very wrong in the
French-like attitude of a part of the people directing the country.

I have recently spoken of the main position that “my” mayor Ada Colau
has in the islamization of Barcelona, and even more than just in her
She directs a group of cities among which Paris, group whose
goal is to try to integrate as many migrants as possible. She’s in
contact with the most criminal people of the West in terms of helping
their population to be daily threatened, raped and murdered.

They shut up on all this when they see her, even if Anne Hidalgo,
Parisian mayor, speaks Spanish, and COULD tell the truth, in order to
avoid the whole Peninsula, which is also to say Portugal, to avoid for it, was I
saying, taking the path to death that France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium,
England and even others have been sliding on for decades or just years,
like demonic children on the toboggan of hell, machist and homophobic
ultra-violence and ultra-religion.

This document from my city
hall from 2 years and a half ago will enlighten you on the level of
danger of Ada Colau, who is the main problem of Spain with a few others.
I have spoken of several points last Summer and last Autumn, and won’t
do it again here ; another time maybe.

Look at this porridge…:


“The Mayor spoke at an act at parliament, in memory of victims of the
Holocaust. During her speech, Ada Colau described the mass murder of
Jews by the Nazis during the Second World War as “a planned operation to
exterminate the other for no other reason than being conceived as
another”, a planned genocide of a people and “the elimination of a
culture in the name of supposed racial purity”.

Colau asserted:
“When today we hear talk again of deportations in temperatures of -30
degrees, of the confiscation of assets and jewellery belonging to people
crossing borders, of ID armbands and bracelets, of rows of dead bodies
being lined up on the beaches of Lesbos, when people unashamedly talk of
suspending rights, putting up barriers, mass expulsions, when the
ghosts of the past spring up again via xenophobic and Islamophobic
demonstrations, we can’t remain unmoved. These are images and alarm
signals which evoke a past we thought we had overcome”.


"Never again Auschwitz. Never again a Europe which generates first and
second class citizens. Never again a Europe which doesn’t know how to
live with its own diversity. Never again”.”

Basile Pesso, Freeland, 18 June 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
Text of Barcelona’s City hall (January 2 016) : “Colau: “We must remember so as not to forget”
Greek article (June 2 018 – newspaper Iefimeridia) on the extreme level of migrants’ violence in…Lesbos !!


pièce a été jouée au Bataclan il y a environ un an. Si elle dénonce
l’intégrisme et le terrorisme, a été écrite par un Musulman, et jouée
par des Musulmans, une des choses qu’on peut lire dans cet article est :

“"Djihad” est née en août 2014, après qu’Ismaël Saidi a vu Marine Le
Pen parler à la télévision des apprentis jihadistes. “Elle a dit que ça
lui ne posait pas de problèmes tant qu’ils ne revenaient pas, raconte
l’auteur à Slate. J’ai trouvé que c’était assez excessif,
dur du point de vue d’un être humain et d’une femme politique. "J’ai eu
envie d’écrire sous forme d’humour pour parler de ce problème car c’est
tout ce que je sais faire”, confie-t-il.“

Si c’est ÇA qui donne envie d’écrire sur le terrorisme islamiste et sur l’islamisme…on est vraiment très mal barrés…

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 12 juin 2 018, 1e diffusion ce jour-là (Fb)
Article du Huffington Post (septembre 2 016) : “Regardez un extrait de "Djihad”, la pièce de théâtre belge au succès inattendu jouée à Paris”


REALLY have to stop with this way of calling Pakistanis “Asians”,
which, I’m reminding it again, is used in order not to “discriminate”
Pakistanis which are by very very far the most involved in crime in the
UK and in particular in GB. I’m saying it…again, to systematically
name those criminals “Asians” is a HUGE problem for the image of Asians
in general.
Politically correct is so incredibly dumb that in order not to “discriminate” a country, they choose…to discriminate….the whole continent in which this country is…)

Basile Pesso, Freeland, 29 May 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)


“Between 7.45pm and 8.15pm on Thursday 15 March this year, the victim a
girl in her late teens was standing in an alleyway that links Barley
Way and Beechfield Way.

She was approached by a man who was not known to her who grabbed her and then raped her.

The offender is described as an Asian man, around thirty to fourty
years-old, short and of large build, with a tattoo on his forearm.”

Document : Thames Valley Police : “E-fit released in connection with rape – High Wycombe”


After my yesterday’s post on the leader of the French African Defense League who advocates terrorism on Jewish little children right in the head with a gun, even if (maybe ? I don’t even know…) some of you had already seen the video on my Fb the other day, only…….guess how many….3….people have wanted to check the lyrics in the song : which means that, either you all believe me without checking, or you JUST DON’T GIVE ONE SINGLE SHIT.

The leader of this defense league, in the last days, has promoted general migration just by interviewing the hero of the last days in France, Moumoudou Gassama, who climbed a building to rescue a child. The circumstances of the act are strange, I have explained this on Fb, and will do it too here soon. But whatsoever it can’t be used to generalize, especially when we know the ABSOLUTELY TRAGICAL criminality among the new migrants in Europe, and the even more tragical ones of immigration in France in the last decades.

The video is still in my link in text beginning here. if ever you want to check…
4 000 followers here, 3 persons interested by this inhuman fact. Well. What can be said.



été un des seuls avec Eloise Lenesley à ne pas tomber dans la
récupération communautariste sur ce drame ignoble. Je veux dire, un des
seuls non-antisémites, passant mon temps à défendre les Juifs et à dire
de quelle épuration ils sont victimes dans plusieurs pays du globe.
Parce que les autres n’ont pas d’avis valide à donner sur ces sujets,
puisque pour eux, en gros, rien n’est antisémite, et même pas leur
antisémitisme maladif.

Les motifs restent troubles. GW Goldnadel,
avocat des parties civiles, reste sur la version “antisémitisme”. J’ai
très souvent loué un des génies journalistico-littéraires de l’époque,
avec deux autres personnes dont une est citée en début d’article ici, et
une qui est en train d’écrire le dit article. Question de style et
d’idées, laissez tomber, je sais que ça vous passe globalement loin,
très loin au-dessus du bonnet rempli d’affects, notamment l’ego et la

donc à nos moutons (désolé pour Mireille), après avoir précisé que je ne
suis pas cette fois GW Goldnadel à 100%. Les révélations avancent, et
l’on apprend que non seulement la dame a été massacrée au couteau puis
brûlée avec tous ses souvenirs, mais….égorgée avec un “Allahu akbar
(ça continue…….).

On est donc à la lisière du mobile
antisémite, sans clarté absolue sur le motif. Révoltant, ignoble, bien
évidemment. Mais toujours sujet à caution.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 23 mai 2 018, 1e diffusion ce jour-là (Fb)
Article du Figaro : “Meurtre de Mireille Knoll : un des suspects remet en cause le mobile antisémite“


très fin de donner du grain à moudre à ceux qui le voient comme un
“bigot”, d’autant que le retour prévisible après une telle mesure
, aux avortements clandestins, est une terrible nouvelle pour
la sécurité des femmes avortant.

BP, 22 mai 2 018, 1e diffusion ce jour-là (Fb)
Article de Courrier International : “Donald Trump veut couper les vivres aux cliniques pratiquant l’avortement“


The ideas which are “poison” are the ones I denounce all the time, especially the neo-negationnism and the neo-collaborationnism with totalitarianism.
No, I’m sorry, denouncing all totalitarianisms, and fighting violence daily has never been poison, except if you’re mentally deranged.

About my idea proposed here yesterday for American schools and universities in a context of gun ultra-violence, I REALLY don’t see how my proposal can be seen as “poisonous”, except if you’re sick.

Remember the Finnish and Swiss examples about positive possibilities of gun owning. Which, again, DOESN’T make me a “pro-gun”, especially in the context of American violence (the mental disorder of America, of which many members of the “Tumblr photo community” ™ are exact protagonists, this mental sickness leading to physical violence), of which I already spoke in detail some months ago, and which is explained in an excellent way in this comment I had found on the web, and copied-pasted on Fb. :

“We have a problem in America and it’s not a gun problem, it’s a people problem.
Access to firearms hasn’t changed since I was a child, actually it’s
probably harder for a child to get one, but how children are raised has
changed dramatically over the years.
Parents need to stop constantly
praising their children while trying to be their best friend and focus
on making them responsible and productive members of society. Teach them
about life, respect for others and how to succeed. Today’s murderer is
someone’s young child and those parents saw what he was becoming.“



Other elements in the Texas slaughter :
-Some bombs had been placed in several places, which makes this case
almost unique for a young rejected student (Columbine, Colorado, 1 999).
-He chose an art class to commit his slaughter.

The governor of Texas said this, and it’s particularly accurate :

“There aren’t enough people to put a guard at every entrance and
exit…but if we can protect a large office building or a courthouse or
any major facility, maybe we need to look at limiting the entrances and
exits into our schools so that we can have law enforcement looking at
the people who come in one or two entrances.”

have a very simple opinion to give, and I kindly encourage you to think
about it : if these loonies who enter a school, a campus, or even other
places without link to scholar environment, were shot immediately by
guards, not only would it avoid the numerous
human losses especially in the youth among absolute innocents, but it
would also avoid the mass traumas and the daily fears on these aspects.
What’s more…it would seriously make think the ones who’d want to try a
shooting, as they’d know they’d die violently, without even having
killed anyone. Thanks to think about it. I’m not precisely stupid,

More interesting or extremely interesting comments in link under the Fb post.

The previous post on my Fb is a French/Canadian article giving other elements, like the very strange mix of ideologies (nazi/communist/etc) of the mass murderer. In comments under that previous post, I had placed some elements about the Ottoman (Turkish) genocide on Greeks one century ago. The commemoration of this genocide, which is almost unknown worldwide yet huge, happened the day after the Texas slaughter. The mass murderer is Greek/American.

Basile Pesso, 19 May 2 018, first broadcast then (Fb).

Addition : I know your reflexes : one follower lost right after this text. The unfollower doesn’t even know why, except that it’s not his/her opinion which is represented here.
I propose ideas, I give informations and knowledge. I don’t “advocate” anything. Just ideas to avoid catastrophes…I’m not “pro” or “anti” guns, it’s the same than for Israel : no definitive idea.


I haven’t yet taken the time to make the erratum about the Guinean
man who was defended by many French people because he was “endangered in
his country, and that his boyfriend had been killed because gay”.
A few days later, it was revealed that this was one of the innumerable manipulations in which we happily fall.

This time, this REALLY seems true, such a speech couldn’t be fake ; and
we can also see by some gestures that this man is not a “fake gay”.

He speaks here of what to be gay in Islam means, and which risks are possible if one decides to contradict the divine law.

Even the father of his murdered boyfriend complained about this man to
the police, seeing him as “the responsible of his son’s death”. Really,
as long as you refuse to do some researches on “some other worlds”,
we’ll have huge problems, because we welcome practices which are
everything but compatible with freedom and what we gained along the
centuries. But if you think that regression is cool, what can I say !!

4 minutes of poignant video...
Titre de la vidéo du Parisien : “Après le meurtre homophobe de son compagnon, Kazi a fui le Bangladesh”

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 19 May 2 018, first broadcast then (Fb)