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think that the same mistake is being made with Bolsonaro than the one
made with Trump, and that he’s not the danger you think he is, but might
bring “some good” or maybe even some great.

Even if I told it
several times, I’m very very far from being a specialist of the case, I
have studied enough elements, as explained here, to say, again, what I
just said.

I see many people in Brazil excite themselves as it was done for Trump (without the specific American hate in spite of
the almost murder on Bolsonaro). Just this word : please calm down,
because you’re right in the stimuli on which the “left” has made
America, then the world, bathe for more than two years.

Remember, again, the support of many Jews to Bolsonaro, included a lot
with influence and much money (watch a few weeks ago, I have shown this on Facebook, in French – it’s also here in an article by someone else than me). I don’t think they don’t know what
they’re doing.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 18 October 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)


It’s indecent and “inappropriate” to re-broadcast this kind of text without liminary words to balance them, knowing what’s happening in many countries as south Africa, France, Sweden, England, Germany, etc. But I have to do this because of the boycott on me for sordid reasons, you know which ones.

There are several realities in da world. What’s more, the past ISN’T the present, and one doesn’t prevent the other from existing.

I just discovered that the first broadcast in YWAMag Fb had been erased….for absolutely no reason, the picture and text being absolutely peaceful.
You might get who did this by looking in my very recent texts here, which speak of the psycho(s) who are on me and who hack my sites, or who warn the platforms for inappropriate reasons, platforms who often obey. I told it, by erasing my “classically anti-racist” texts, the haters manage to make me be seen as racist, as I describe all the (extremely serious, not the others, I have to classify) realities I find in the field of racism.

Because of this first part, you might not “like” or reblog this double text, but I think it’s really better to post it like this, especially because of the more than serious facts that are happening in the forenamed countries, as a call to genocide on whites by a French hip-hopper of which you might have heard.

If the link on bottom is therefore empty, here is Robert Frank’s classic.


“One pure example of achieved street photography, mixing visual
quality, poetry (reflections on top, among other elements), and
document, striking in this case. The white woman, strict, tense, hating
(or almost), and the youngest black man, imploring, human,

A few months after this image was taken, the Rosa Parks in the bus’
case occurred, and the segregation was cut, to allow black people to
leave the animalized status that the white had dared implement on them,
as if having
enslaved them for so long wasn’t enough…”

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, January 2 018, 1st broadcast then with a picture (Trolley, New Orleans, 1 955) of Robert Frank (YWAMag Fb)

Tracy Chapman, Freedom Now, 1 989

A bit more than one year after her legendary first and eponymous record
that has shaken the planet in softness and (black) powerful political
fight, as Ben Harper did 6 years later, the remarkable Tracy from
Cleveland, Ohio, USA, came back with Crossroads, which was slightly more
commercial and maybe a bit overproduced, but which still had great
quality and superb songs, as this anthem, or Subcity.

This song is about Nelson Mandela jailed by the
Afrikaneer apartheid regime, but enlarges to the general notions of
freedom, jailing and hope in the dark, with absolutely poignant lyrics.
It’s been plenty of years that I have been absolutely hopelessly
dreaming that the black communities in the world and in particular in
the USA wake the fuck up and fight the good fight against the horrendous
tyranny rising in the world and wanting to eat it. Unfortunately, they
don’t see, don’t want to act, are focused on their own case without
seeing that there’s something waaaaay more serious that also targets
them, and we have to remain with ancient lyrics that we can adapt to the
current situation but which don’t find heirs and heiresses.

“But every day is born a man
Who hates what he can’t understand
Who thinks the answer is to kill
Who thinks his actions are God’s will
And he thinks he’s free free free free”.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 11 August 2 018, First broadcast then (YWAMag Fb)
Tracy Chapman, Freedom Now

Adeolu Osibodu, Art photographer, Nigeria, and…


A focus
today on the great and young Nigerian photographer Adeolu Osibodu, with
his gallery in Yes We Are Magazine.
Later, I might repost the call I had
made under one of his selections
, one more time, to artists from worlds
where art is less represented and less able to calm violence, to
participate to the magazine and to art platforms.

Unfortunately, in particular for the art photography world, it’s extremely hard to find
talents in Africa, Middle-East and Maghreb, for the reasons I often
evoke, but also for others : among my favorite photographers there :
Hanan Kazma
from Lebanon, whom you know well by her huge gallery in the
mag for example, Thami Benkirane and Hammadi Chakouath (Ben Field) from
Morocco, Jenny Metelerkamp from South Africa, Omid Mirshahi from Iran,
country in which there is also a lot of talents.

Turkey is way, way more developed in art photography and hosts several
brilliant authors as Yucel Basoglu, and India is particularly prolific,
with people like Sriram Guruswamy and Marji Lang (Traveler Stories), unlike Pakistan, for a
reason you’ll have guessed, when at the start India and Pakistan are
one country.

Notice that I am not trying here to say that there
aren’t more stunning authors in these worlds, I’m not a computer, and if
you know some, feel free to show them to me.

(Click on the grey rectangle on bottom to get to the pageS after the first ones on the names of the authors, which either lead to their sites, or to their YWAMag galleries).

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 2nd December 2 017, first broadcast then


She posted a picture on Snapchat, and hit a truck.

(Also on my Fb, 23/09/2 018)
Article of the Daily Mail : “’Mom, it hurts’: Daughter’s heartbreaking final words to her mother after she crashed her car while texting“


Hi to all,

I’ll keep on posting a few pictures here, among the texts and reports that tell the truth and that terrify people, thousands times more than the facts themselves.

The “success” of this site now makes it almost useless to keep on being used to display my pictures.

After the slander on me two years ago which made the “likes” under the images, and the reblogs, be divided by two (or by ten for the reblogs), the news and analyses here scare so much that even grown-up and quite informed people don’t want to appear here anymore.

There is only the truth here. ONLY. If you don’t want it, it’s not a reason for me to stop expressing it, especially as the ultra-violence in several European countries for example, keeps on. If some people don’t report and analyse it, it will keep on for decades, and will be barbarian as it is.

I have my Instagram now for my pictures, and they are respected, let’s say, as here before the slander on me, and before I spoke too much of the European situation (the French especially). I still have Yes We Are Magazine here and on Fb. Here, it keeps on working well.

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 22 September 2 018.
Addendum : and, of course, people unfollowed me after this text. One of the reasons why I don’t have anything to do here seriously anymore…


The media manipulation is classic and sordid, as the first portion I
have isolated explains that he wanted to…DENOUNCE PEOPLE HE CONSIDERS
AS NAZIS. For fucking fuck sake !!

Media, politicians and plenty
of “citizens” have a passion for endangering people by offering their
face and name to the hateful crowd with fake news.
You wonder why
Trump says media are fake news providers and are the enemies of people ?
Because we see this shit all the fucking time, and because a bunch of people have given themselves the power of life and death upon people.

Basile Pesso, Freeland, 16 September 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)


“Jem Ibrahimov, 42, was caught Saturday morning outside the Engine
93/Ladder 45/Battalion 13 station house on West 181st Street in Fort
George — where he allegedly scrawled the hate symbol on a door and wrote
“Nazi rapist pigs” and “pedophiles.”


"He worked as a
photographer for the Bulgarian parliament and also as an art handler
here in New York, according to the site, which lists his most recent
occupation as “climbing wall installer” for Bulgarian company Walltopia.

The swastika incident is Ibrahimov’s first arrest, according to Ho, who
said her client speaks three languages and has worked as an interpreter
for the US Army.
He was, however, wanted for skipping out on a court
date related to a criminal summon”.

Article of the NY Post : “Lawyers say man drawing swastikas on FDNY ambulances is an ‘artist’“

I Am the King of the Walls #3(The New Abstrac…

I Am the King of the Walls #3

(The New Abstracts #296)
Same day and place than I am the King of the Walls
Morcheeba, Fear and Love
Basile Pesso-my BCN © November 2 016-Text December 2 016
My web magazine : Yes We Are (link – Fb version here) with a magnificent and fascinating mise en abyme by the American Mary Eliz (Place, Time, Moment) as The Side Look of a Barcelonese #1 165

very interesting case, as underneath the street art/graffiti which is
really not bad, is some mosaic art which had taken a lot of time. Wait,
concrete, stone, etc, also take a lot of time, energy and money. But
mosaic is art, as well as all architecture which has something special,
like ornaments. Imagine the person putting his or her street
art/graffiti there, just proud. Art vandalising art.

(Reiteration of the text of I am the King of the Walls #1)


very recently wrote that Trump hadn’t said once “islamic” or islamist"
in his speech at the Pentagon one year ago for the remembrance day.

Today is very different regarding this important point if we remember
the video I shown and analysed (in French – see two links in comments,
one for my text with the video, the other one with the video alone) the
other day, in which the then future President, interviewed in 2 001 as a
building specialist, was explaining with plenty of extremely convincing details that the official version was technically impossible.

One seriously has to think about the fact that these last days have
been particularly rich in signs of friendship and support of Trump to

Basile Pesso, FreeLand, 11 September 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)

Article of Breitbart (please read my text and the article, don’t stick to “Breitbart”) : “Donald Trump : “Radical islamist terrorists” attacked us on September 11th”

Shed Seven, Bully Boy, 1 996

In the excellent Bully Boy by the English band Shed Seven, you have one
of the numerous school bullying stories of England. in other countries
you have others, in particular in the USA.

The singer-songwriter
of the band Rick Witter suffered harassment at school, probably because
of his extremely beautiful face features, and his mixed-race appearance.

As Sonya Aurora-Madan (Indian/English) from Echobelly in the fantastic
Call Me Names
two years before, song and band on which I wrote two or
three times I think, people with the same characteristics narrate the
same school horror stories.

Here the bully is clearly represented as a fat white young tyrant, and Rick tells him that he’d fight him “to the death”.

Basile Pesso, Freeland, 6th September 2 018, 1st broadcast then (Fb)
Shed Seven, Bully Boy